How to Escape the Rat Race

The Science of Quitting a Job to Travel the World.

Learn How to Live a Rich Life!

A Conventional Life Isn't for Everyone.

Sadly, the default is to sell most of our time and energy for money. We then end up spending a lot of that same money buying things we think will save time or make us happier.

It’s an unproductive cycle, but it can be escaped so you can travel the world!

Money Isn't Stopping You

I also thought money was the problem before I escaped my Corporate America cubicle in 2006 to begin traveling.

As you’ll discover, living abroad can be cheaper than living at home. You simply need fewer things to stay happy when the world is your playground.

A Proven Blueprint

The EpicEscape Course is a detailed blueprint for leaving the Rat Race. Guaranteed.

Escape a Corporate Job

A live consulting session is included to help you exit the corporate world faster and with fewer mistakes.

Science Backed

Information comes from two years of consultations with neuroscientists, psychologists, and subject matter experts.

Ongoing Support

Our community of travelers and digital nomads is here to help, even once you’re on the road. You aren’t alone.

Corporate America cubicles

Quitting the Corporate World

Don’t spend your life lonely or unhappy! You can do something different. Leave it all behind and start over.

Quitting the corporate world to become a location-independent “digital nomad” is easier than ever before. Remote work opportunities are abundant now, and the pandemic has made traditional companies more open to the idea.

In the EpicEscape Course (hosted on, I teach people from all ages and walks of life how to use science to overcome the fear of pulling up roots and going into the unknown. I share my story, then we cover these topics:

  1. How to overcome fear of quitting a job to travel (download the free book)
  2. How to grow self-efficacy
  3. How to balance time, money, and energy in a healthier way
  4. The easiest ways to quit a corporate job and escape the Rat Race
  5. Pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when starting as a digital nomad

This is not a “how to get rich” course. I don’t provide any magic system or formula for making people wealthy. Instead, EpicEscape is a systematic approach to leaving a conventional lifestyle behind and finding increased happiness.

Independent travel can help you become on fire for life again, meet people, and have experiences you’ll be proud to share. The self growth, adventure, and relationships can help you find success — and more importantly — happiness.

As part of the course, I also offer personalized advice via a phone/video chat. We can discuss whatever you want about the process of escape or starting your vagabonding life.

Corporate escape course

Escape the Rat Race to Travel

The EpicEscape Course leverages neuroscience to help people grow themselves and escape from a conventional life (Corporate America, 9-to-5 job, etc).

If you feel like there should be more to life than making other people wealthy, you aren’t alone.

How to Beat Fear eBookClick to download (free) and begin your escape.

If you can overcome your fear of the unknown and are willing to do what others won’t, you can live how others can’t.

Life in warm, exotic places around the world is accessible and affordable. I’ve enjoyed living in Thailand, Malaysia, and Bali since escaping the Rat Race in 2006. Daily expenses were lower than those in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky!

My book (Module 1 of the EpicEscape Course) covers the science of fear and how we can beat it to enjoy a more exciting life.

Your Escape Adviser

Greg Rodgers, corporate escape coach

In 2005, I was working a stressful corporate job as a network engineer and hacker for IBM.

I didn’t have the time or energy to enjoy life very much. I spent my 20s making other people rich. I was earning a living, but I also wanted to enjoy a life blessed with health, world travel, and adventure.

I escaped my cubicle in 2006 and began anew as a vagabonding travel writer. My budget was very low (like, hitchhiking and sleeping in airports low), but I met extraordinary people and experienced the world in the raw.

Since then, my websites have helped people from all over the world to also quit their jobs to travel. I wasn’t wealthy when I escaped, and you don’t have to be either!

You’ll still have to work, but you shouldn’t hate your job like most surveyed Americans do. Why not feel excited as each new day begins?

I can’t promise to make you rich, but I can help you build a rich life. If you’re interested in escaping a conventional life, growing yourself, meeting people, and traveling extensively, I can help!

Greg Rodgers signature

“Greg has long been helping and inspiring others to grow, stretch their wings, explore, and taste the wonders of other worlds.” – Sallie Latch, artist and author of “Hear Me.”

“Greg has been a true inspiration since the day I started dreaming of long-term travel.” – Danny Burgess, Bay Area Real Estate Consultant

Digital nomad laptop

My outdoor “office” in Ubud, Bali.

Quitting a corporate job to travel and work from remote has never been easier.

You Have the Power to Escape the Rat Race. Millions of People Have Already Made the Change.

And if you need, I’m here to help you escape a corporate job to travel.

Escaping the Rat Race is possible!

Watch this video to get fired up about escaping the Rat Race to travel!