How to Travel Forever

The Science of Becoming Location Independent

Use Remote Work to Live a Life of Travel

Travel When and Where You Want

We use science to teach people how to travel forever and work remotely from anywhere.

Don’t wait: Spread retirement throughout life!

“Greg gave me permission to dream bigger and create the location-independent lifestyle I always wanted.”

– Bill Soroka, bestselling author and podcast host

Fear of Travel

How to Beat Fear eBook

Nervous about traveling alone? My free ebook can help you use science to overcome. Contact me for a copy.

Corporate Escape

The EpicEscape Courseis a detailed blueprint for  traveling more. Guaranteed.

Live a Life of Travel

Get personalized advice to properly prepare for life as a digital nomad.

Science Backed

Information comes from two years of consultations with neuroscientists, psychologists, and digital nomads.

Travel Forever

Remote work (or launching your own project) allows you to live and work on the road.

Corporate America cubicles

Live a Life of Travel

Don’t spend your life wondering “what if …?”

Instead, you can live an exciting life of travel, experience, and adventure. Doing remote work as a location-independent “digital nomad” is easier than ever before. Now is the time to build a life you’re proud to share.


Corporate escape course

How to Travel Forever

The EpicEscape Course empowers people who want to escape the Rat Race, begin with remote work, or take a career break to go travel.

Enrollments for the EpicEscape Course are now closed. A newer, better escape course is coming in 2023!

Email for details.


Independent travel builds confidence, self-efficacy, and lifelong relationships. For centuries, adventuring abroad is how successful people chose to find wealth, partners, and life experience. Be the most interesting person in the room.

Greg Rodgers

Greg Rodgers, corporate escape coach

After returning from training for the US Army, I began working a stressful corporate job as a network engineer. The work was enjoyable, but the culture wasn’t.

I craved adventure and experience but thought I needed a lot of money to take a career break and travel the world.

What I really needed was time—and to overcome fear.

I escaped the Rat Race and my cubicle in 2006 to began anew as a vagabonding travel writer. I reinvented myself, fell in love with remote work, and discovered what this beautiful world has to offer.

The cost of living in exciting places such as Bali and Thailand is less than staying in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky!

Since then, my websites have helped people from all over the world to escape the Rat Race and learn how to travel forever.

I can’t promise to make you rich, but I can help you build a rich life of travel.

See you on the road.

Greg Rodgers signature

“Greg has long been helping and inspiring others to grow, stretch their wings, explore, and taste the wonders of other worlds.” – Sallie Latch, artist and author of “Hear Me.”

“Greg has been a true inspiration since the day I started dreaming of long-term travel.” – Danny Burgess, Bay Area Real Estate Consultant

Digital nomad laptop

My outdoor “office” for remote work in Ubud, Bali.

You Have the Power to Live a Life of Travel. Millions of People Have Already Started Working Remotely.

And if you need help along the way, I’ll do everything I can.

Escaping the Rat Race is possible!

The world is waiting. See you on the road, my friend.