Don’t Wait Until Retirement to Start Living

Escape the Rat Race
Live Abroad

“The status quo is to sell most of our time and energy for money. We then end up spending a lot of that same money trying to buy back time, health, and happiness. It’s an unhappy cycle, but it can be escaped.”

If you want more adventure in life, this course can help.

The Science of Escaping a Conventional Life

Don’t worry: this isn’t another course about becoming an influencer.

I launched this course about the neuroscience of escaping a conventional life to help people discover a happier way to live.

This science-backed material addresses fear, money, brain chemistry, and life as a freelancer abroad (aka digital nomad). The EpicEscape Course also includes a 20-minute call to help you plan your escape! (see the modules)

I escaped the Rat Race and my miserable IBM cubicle way back in 2006 to become a vagabonding traveler and location-independent writer.

I know all too well how it feels to be trapped in a conventional life. I didn’t escape mine until age 30. If you feel like there must be more to life than working all the time to make other people rich, you aren’t alone.

Selling this course isn’t how I funded my escape (I’m a travel writer), but I’ve enjoyed helping others to escape Corporate America and live their dreams for over 15 years now!

The EpicEscape Course Is Live!

Interested in escaping your current life setup to travel? You can start by downloading the first module (How to Beat Fear) for free!

Digital nomad laptop

There’s never been a better time to redesign your life and escape the Rat Race.

Will you be ready to reboot yourself for happiness when the post-pandemic world starts up again? Things have been tough, but this is an opportunity.

Becoming location independent is easier than ever before. Work-from-remote opportunities are abundant now. Money probably isn’t what is stopping you from taking the leap — it’s fear.

In the EpicEscape Course, I teach people from all careers and walks of life how to use neuroscience to overcome the fear of going into the unknown. I share my story, then we cover these topics:

  1. Fear (download the free module)
  2. Fixing Financial Concerns
  3. The Best Ways to Escape
  4. Becoming a Successful Location-Independent Worker
  5. Making the Escape from the Rat Race

As part of the course, I also offer direct advice via a phone/video chat. We can discuss whatever you want about the process of escape or starting a vagabonding lifestyle.

The important thing is to get you out of the Rat Race and onto a happier path like millions of others have already done!

Meet Greg Rodgers

In 2005, I was working a stressful corporate job as an engineer at IBM. I didn’t have the time or energy to enjoy life very much. I spent my 20s making other people rich. I was earning a living, but I also wanted to have a rich life of health, world travel, and adventure.

My dreams came true.

I escaped my conventional life in 2006 and began anew as a vagabonding travel writer and travel coach. Since then, my websites have helped people from all over the world to also escape Corporate America. I wasn’t wealthy when I escaped, and you don’t have to be, either.

You’ll still have to work, but you shouldn’t hate your job. Why not feel excited as each new day begins?

I can’t promise to make you rich, but I can help you build a rich life. If you’re interested in escaping a conventional life, growing yourself, and traveling extensively, I know what to do. (see a preview)

You don’t have to be rich or retired to enjoy an extraordinary life! Make yourself happy and healthy first, then other successes can come easier. Either way, it’s a win-win.

With this course, I show exactly how to get yourself unstuck. I know the feeling well. I’ve got your back along the journey, and I’m here to answer your questions.