Become an affiliate and earn passive money every month with your blog, website, or social media account.

Some Good Reasons to Become an Affiliate

  1. No minimum payouts.
  2. You get paid monthly via Paypal.
  3. Your visitors receive a custom 25 percent discount code. This makes your brand look good and converts more sales.
  4. Technically, you don’t even have to post a link — although doing so makes sense. If someone uses the coupon code we provide you, you’ll get paid either way!
  5. You are solving a problem for people (they want out of the corporate world) by guiding them somewhere and therefore make the world a slightly happier place.

How Much You Will Earn

Affiliates are paid 20 percent of the total sale.

Average payout per sale is $15 – 22 (US dollars).

If we raise prices or create new offerings (both are planned in the future), your payout increases.

How It Works

Once approved, you’ll receive a custom coupon code to share with your visitors. That code is associated with your Paypal email address.

A sample coupon code: ESCAPE4EVER

No matter how someone arrives at our site, if they make a purchase using your coupon code, you get paid 20 percent! You can refer people with a link on your website, via word of mouth, a Twitter or social-media post, Reddit mention — however you like (assuming your approach is ethical and isn’t deceptive in any way).

Here’s how easy it is to become an affiliate:

Step 1: Get in Touch

Send an email to

Please include your website or bio link and the Paypal email where you want to be paid.

Step 2: Wait for a Code

We will review your website and create a custom coupon code. This takes a week or less.

Step 3: Promote

You can promote your custom coupon code however you like excluding paid advertising (e.g., Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc).

A blog post, website link, word of mouth, social media post or any other way you choose to promote is fine.

Please link to:



Step 4: Get Paid

We run a report based on coupon codes once a month (usually at the end of the month). You’ll be paid via Paypal for any sales generated using your code.

You are responsible for your own taxes, currency conversion fees, etc.

Graphic Assets

Feel free to use and modify these banners as needed to better fit your site.

Just right click and choose “Save as …”

EpicEscape Course Banner
Full Size Banner
EpicEscape Course Banner Medium
Smaller Size Banner
Science of Escape Logo
Full Size Logo
SOE logo png
Abbreviated Logo

Notes and Details

  1. Either party may cancel the affiliate arrangement at any time via email (
  2. Payouts are monthly in US dollars and do not include any Paypal transaction costs, currency conversion, etc.
  3. If we discover that sales were created in an unethical or deceptive fashion, future payouts will be withheld.
  4. There is no limit to the number of sales or payout that can be generated.