Escape a Conventional Life
The Great Escape Course

Many years in the making, this is the neuroscience-backed course about how to escape a conventional life and exit the Rat Race by changing your brain. I won’t waste your time with big claims. Instead, I’ll show exactly what’s inside the Great Escape Course. You can decide if it will help.

Like any good product, there’s a 100-percent refund policy if you aren’t satisfied.

Happy, enlightened people spread their influence and make the world a better place. I very much want you to succeed, whether or not you choose this course. I’ve been helping good people avoid Corporate America since 2006 and have no plans to stop.

See you on the road!

This course is about escaping a conventional life to increase health and happiness.

(we also talk about how to live and travel abroad as a location-independent worker)

5,000 words


Tools for Getting Started

  1. A special welcome.
  2. How realistic is the idea of escaping it all?
  3. You are not alone in your thinking.
  4. How your brain conspires against you.
  5. Why escape is easier now than before.
  6. What happens when leaving a job goes wrong.
  7. A better way to success than point to point.
  8. Science-backed ways to get more from this course.
Money and Travel
5,455 words

How Money Works

How to Not Let Money Dominate Your Life

  1. The relationship between time, money, and energy.
  2. A short history of money.
  3. Why chasing happiness is expensive.
  4. The magic amount of money needed to launch.
  5. Why extensive travel doesn’t require extreme wealth.
  6. How traveling actually saves you money.
  7. The psychological connection between money and happiness.
Overcoming the Fear of Change
6,300 words

Understanding Fear

Understanding the Science Behind the Fear of Change

  1. The biological reason we fear the unknown.
  2. How the amygdala helps and hurts us.
  3. The anatomy of stress and fear.
  4. The 2 kinds of fear we encounter.
  5. How the Mean World Syndrome works.
  6. How to rewire the brain for big change.
  7. An unexpected roadblock to successful escape.
  8. How to overcome 5 specific fears about escape and travel.
Become a Digital Nomad
9,500 words

How to Live and Work Remotely

The Real Deal About Becoming a “Digital Nomad”

  1. Potential paths for location-independent income.
  2. The biggest mistake digital nomads make when starting.
  3. Major threats to avoid when building your empire.
  4. How to come out ahead if you’re forced to sell time.
  5. The most sustainable way remote workers build income.
  6. Potential ideas for freelancing gigs and projects.
  7. The important v1.0 Rule.
  8. A solid formula for location-independent success.

Strategies to Escape the Rat Race
4,900 words

Two Ways to Escape

Two Working Strategies for Escaping a Conventional Life

  1. The strategy of Going Small and using kaitzen.
  2. How to get past the brain’s defenses.
  3. The effective strategy of Going Big.
  4. Why adversity helps your cause.
  5. How to use moments of madness to your advantage.
  6. Creating your strategy for escape from Corporate America.
A Plan for Escape
5,900 words

A Battleplan

Building a Final Battleplan for Your Escape

  1. Hebb’s Rule and rewiring the brain for escape.
  2. How to stay motivated about escaping the Rat Race.
  3. The best way to get organized.
  4. Creating a timeline to leave.
  5. How to take control of money matters.
  6. Talking to loved ones about your plan.
  7. Ways to Prepare for a Moment of Madness.
  8. Handling the logistics and what needs to be done.
  9. Making the escape.

Escaping Corporate America
4,290 words

BONUS: How I Made My Escape

This is a lighthearted look at how I made my own escape from a conventional life and left Corporate America to travel the world. Maybe this story will help you better understand what to expect, how escape feels, and if nothing else, enjoy a laugh.

Digital nomad laptop
My workspace in Bali

A Promise for the Freelancers

I regularly outsource video creation, graphic work, editing, and other needs. I’d also love to commission guest articles. If you’re offering a freelance service at competitive rates, I’ll send the work to you first!

The Great Escape Course

Price: US $50

Going Live in 2021!

Be among the first to start the course and learn the neuroscience for escaping a conventional life in the Rat Race.

You’ll get all the materials above plus future updates and additions — plus you’ll lock in the price of $50 for a year, no matter if we increase the cost later!

I will only contact you for the course. We never SPAM!

Dreamland Beach in Bali for an Escape

This is Dreamland Beach in Bali.

It looks like a stock photo, but I took this while living on Bali, one of my favorite places. My total monthly expenses there came to around USD $1,200 a month; although, living on less is possible. The Indonesian language is fun to learn, and the Balinese culture is one of my favorites.

Since 2006, I’ve earned all of my income online, mostly as a writer. I work where I want. The photo at the top of this page was my bungalow home in Sumatra.

I’m not wealthy, but I enjoy a rich life. I feel like I’ve already been doing in my 30s and 40s what a lot of people hope to do in their 60s after they retire. My adventures over the past 14 years were made possible only because I built up enough courage to leave my bad corporate job, jump into the unknown, and take a chance.

Making that jump changed my life so much for the better, my mission now is to help other people experience the same! Happy, healthy people make the world a better place.

I’m here to offer personalized help with your endeavor to exit Corporate America, escape the Rat Race, and live an extraordinary life. Reach out to me anytime you need.

Most importantly, escape.

Greg Rodgers

Science of Escape