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Not Happy? Escape!

The EpicEscape Course leverages neuroscience to help people grow themselves and escape from a conventional life (Corporate America, 9-to-5 job, etc).

These science-backed eBooks and videos are a roadmap for overcoming fear, changing the brain, and exiting a bad job.

Although we do cover life as a digital nomad, this is not a how-to-get-rich course.

Introducing: The EpicEscape Course

Change Your Brain. Escape a 9-to-5 Lifestyle. Live and Travel Abroad.

50,000+ Words


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6 Videos


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6 eBooks + 1 Bonus


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This 9,000+ word eBook will help you understand the brain chemistry behind fear and how you can control it to escape unhappy circumstances.

The First Step

An introduction to the course and some ways to empower yourself by changing your brain.

Strategies for Escaping a Conventional Life

How to achieve your escape from a conventional life by blending two strategies.

How to Change the Way You Think About Money

Changing your mindset about time and money can lead to greater happiness.

How to Live and Work Remotely

The mistakes most new digital nomads make and how to avoid going broke while freelancing.

Making Your Escape

Putting everything together to exit from the Rat Race for good.

Bonuses and Extras

A special welcome and how to get the most from this course by applying neuroscience.
My story of exactly how things went when I escaped Corporate America to live abroad.

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How It Works

The EpicEscape Course begins by explaining what causes us to fear the unknown and why we are adverse to discomfort. Lack of money often gets the blame for us not living our dreams, so the next module dissects the default mindset about money.

Although everyone’s circumstances are different, we’re all human and driven by the similar neurology. This course gives two solid strategies for escaping life in a cubicle.

Once you understand the mechanisms behind how you feel, you can change them. There are no hacks or shortcuts. This course teaches you how to improve yourself and then escape to go live on your own terms.

Understanding the Science Behind the Fear of Change

Adventure awaits

The First Module Is FREE — and It Will Help You Escape.

This 9,200-word eBook covers:

  1. The biological reasons we fear the unknown
  2. Our default survival skepticism
  3. “Top down” control of fear
  4. The two kinds of fear we encounter
  5. How the Mean World Syndrome works
  6. The power of the environment and our loop
  7. How to rewire the brain for big change
  8. How to overcome five specific fears about escape and travel

These lessons in neuroscience and behavior can be applied to any part of your life, not just escaping an unhappy job to go travel the world.

The end result of this book will be a boost in your self-efficacy (power) and decrease in fear of big change.

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Learn how to leverage neuroscience for escaping a conventional life in the Rat Race.

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