Escape the Rat Race

By Empowering Yourself with the EpicEscape CourseTM

Rat Race Escape Course

The American Dream doesn’t work for everyone.

We help people escape the Rat Race and begin traveling.

Sorry, new enrollments are currently closed. Another escape course will be launched in 2023!

Start Traveling

If you’re happy with your current job and life setup, don’t change a thing. If you want to leave a job and travel but feel nervous, get in touch for my free ebook.

How to Overcome Fear of traveling alone

Independent travel won’t solve all your problems. But you can use it to escape the current environment and build a happier, healthier version of yourself.

Corporate America cubicles

This isn’t a stock photo — I took this picture of Corporate America while working at IBM!

Spending a lifetime in a cubicle making someone else wealthy is a terrible prospect, but that’s often how the corporate world works. You don’t want to wake up one day and wonder, “what did I miss…?”

Even after retirement, there are no guarantees. The time to live is now. With a life designed for flexibility and location independence, you can enjoy adventure, interesting people, and unforgettable experiences.

You can spread “retirement” throughout life and reap the benefits sooner. Traveling the world is cheaper than you think!

Island life after escaping the Rat Race

A girl enjoys Loi Krathong in Thailand

This iteration of the EpicEscape Course is now closed. Please watch for the relaunch in 2023!

What’s Stopping You?


Although difficult to accept, what stops most people from escaping Corporate America to travel is fear. Leaving stability behind and going into the unknown is tough. You can use neuroscience to overcome fear.


Once you experience a boost in happiness while traveling, you can actually save money. Choosing inexpensive places to live, work, and travel can lower daily costs to less than those at home.


You’ll experience both love and loneliness on the road at some point, but you’ll rarely be alone. Whether shy and introverted or not, travelers bond quickly while on the road.

Personal Safety

Traveling the world isn’t as dangerous as we’re led to believe. As for sickness or injuries, healthcare in many other countries is often better and more affordable than in the U.S. Digital nomad travel insurance is cheaper than health insurance.


Anyone can step away for a year or longer to live a life of travel. Millions have gone before you, and starting out has never been easier. Independent travel boosts confidence. You may find yourself the “most interesting person in the room” someday after coming home.

Self Improvement Scams

I’m a travel writer, not a guru or marketeer. I don’t offer any kind of “system” for riches beyond a rich life. I can, however,  help you escape to travel. The rest is up to you. Starting anew with a fresh environment is a profound way to grow yourself.

A Guaranteed Way to Escape the Rat Race

What Is the EpicEscape Course?

Two years in the making, the EpicEscape Course leverages knowledge from neuroscientists, psychologists, and successful digital nomads to help you succeed in creating location independence.

I made a lot of mistakes and spent too much money while trying to quit my job to travel.

Like everyone, I incorrectly thought I had to be wealthy or at least in business for myself before starting out. I learned the myth isn't true.

After 15 years as a digital nomad, I created this course to weaponize my experience and help anyone looking to escape from the Rat Race to live on their own terms.

Walking out of IBM and Corporate America forever was one of the best feelings of my life!

Who Can Benefit From the EpicEscape Course?

  • Anyone who wishes to increase their self-efficacy by using science
  • Working professionals ready for a mid-life (or earlier) career break
  • Aspiring location-independent freelancers who want to avoid cubicle work
  • Students who want to see the world before starting a conventional career

Who Is Not a Good Fit for the Course?

  • Anyone seeking financial advice
  • People who are content with their life circumstances and don't feel a need to change
  • People who don't like to read (the content is written)

The "Cube to Castaway" Guarantee

I’m so convinced this material will help you that I’m making it 100 percent risk free.

Simply put, if you don’t enjoy yourself and grow after experiencing this course, I’ll return the full cost via Paypal. You must request a refund within 30 days and before we have our coaching call.

How Does the Included Coaching Work?

Whenever you’re ready, we schedule a 20-minute block to chat. We can talk before, during, or after you have completed the EpicEscape Course — up to you!

I don’t end productive conversations. If we go over the time allotment, not a big deal.

Video is completely optional, depending on your whim and our quality of connection. We can use WhatsApp, Zoom, Signal, or Skype.

Topics range from health and safety concerns to how much money I needed to escape. Our conversation will be informal and friendly, so ask whatever you like!

Why Did I Create This?

I have earned a living since 2007 as a travel writer and photographer. I didn't earn my escape money by selling online products. In fact, from an hourly perspective, I took quite a loss creating EpicEscape. I'm OK with that.

After experiencing such joy and life transformation through independent travel, I knew I had to help others do the same. Before traveling, I was an introverted, uncultured, unhappy cubicle dweller. I didn't visit my first foreign country until age 30. Now, the positive effects of growing myself and meeting new people have spread throughout all areas of my life.

Happier people make the world a better place -- and that is what I want.

How to Begin a Life of Travel

Along with a personalized call to discuss your plans, the EpicEscape Course includes these ebooks (over 50,000 words).

Don’t worry, there are no tests. Enjoy the materials at your leisure and reread as you wish — the books are yours forever.

How to Beat Fear eBook

How to Beat Fear

Learn How Fear Works

On the Inside:

  •  How anticipatory fear is part of a natural, survival skepticism and keeps us from exploring
  • Why we fear the unknown and how to overcome it
  • Being stuck in a rut is neurological
  • The best way to rewire the brain for change
  • How to win the struggle with fear
Getting started to escape the Rat Race

Getting Started

With Your Escape From the Rat Race

On the Inside:

  • Not everyone will understand your decision
  • How realistic is a life of escape?
  • You are not the first to quit a job to travel
  • Boosting self-efficacy makes you dangerous (in a good way)
  • Your decision to escape the Rat Race is reversible
Money module cover

Time, Money, and Energy

Understanding the Relationship

On the Inside:

  • Time is not money, and money is not evil
  • How to look at money (or the lack of) differently
  • Feelings about money are often inherited
  • There is no magic amount of savings before feeling good enough to escape
  • You can actually save money by traveling
Cover for Two Strategies for Escaping the Rat Race

Strategies to Escape

Two Ways to Get Out of the Rat Race

On the Inside:

  • How to fool the brain and gain traction
  • The neurotransmitters of the stress and reward system
  • How to win by going big at the right time
  • Choosing the best time to escape
  • Creating the perfect strategy for escaping the Rat Race


How to Succeed as a Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad

Mistakes to Avoid and Lessons Learned

On the Inside:

Escaping a bad job and creating a new life

The Final Battleplan

For Creating a New Life

On the Inside:

  • Maintaining the mindset against odds
  • Setting up an environment to win
  • What to know before you quit a job to travel
  • How to escape a conventional life and start traveling.

Plus Some Bonus Content

A Special Welcome

A Special Welcome

A personal note

I believe that if you first enrich yourself with health, happiness, relationships, and world experience, you’re going to have a much easier time accomplishing whatever else you want in the future. Why not
enjoy the ride?

Making My Escape From the Rat Race

Making My Escape

How I Felt and What Transpired

A lighthearted look at what happened when I quit a corporate job, sold my stuff, and began traveling full time.

How to Better Absorb Material

How to Use This Course

Neuroscience-backed Ways to Better Absorb Any Material.

Neuroscientists have figured out how and when we are most likely to absorb material, take action, and so on. This will help you when studying or remembering anything.

Also Included With the Course

  • My 100 percent guarantee with full refund if not inspired and ready for action after.
  • One 20-minute consulting call + access to email consultations
  • First shot at outsourced opportunities (we may hire you)
  • Lifetime updates
  • Support. The EpicEscape Course is hosted on Kajabi, the best educational hosting platform on the web. You’ll get access to their live support and smartphone app.

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