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Prepare to Travel in 2023

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International Travel Prep

for Backpackers, Budget Travelers, and Digital Nomads

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Sorry, the free Transition to Travel Checklist™ is being reworked for the needs of a post-pandemic travel experience. Watch for announcements of a new offering!

Prepare for international travel

Getting ready for international travel can be stressful, especially if planning for your first extended trip abroad. Having a detailed, step-by-step guide to follow really helps.

The 20 modules contain travel prep tips and advice that can save you stress and money before a trip.


The Transition to Travel Checklist + Minicourse

As a travel writer and digital nomad, I’ve been using this checklist to prepare for travel for 15+ years. It works!

I created the Transition to Travel minicourse (free) to help future budget travelers and digital nomads  prepare for their extended trips abroad.

Since 2007, I’ve helped thousands of backpackers to prepare for travel overseas.

You can keep track of your progress by completing each step in the minicourse. See you on the road.

Sorry, the program has been paused for now! Watch for updates in the near future.

How to Get a Passport

Choose Which Vaccinations

Decide When to Travel

Check Onward Ticket Requirements

Book a Flight

Get a Visa If Necessary

Choose Travel Insurance

Prepare Money and Finances

Set Up Your Travel Tech

Decide How to Communicate

Prepare a Travel Binder (for Home)

Get Paperwork Ready

Prevent Some Stress Later

Buy Trip Supplies

Start Packing

Book the First Hotel

Plan for the First Airport

Take Care of Your Car

Things to Do Before Leaving Home to Travel

What to Do Last Minute (Travel Checklist)

Don’t let fear stop you. Escape.

You can live a life of travel.

Greg Rodgers, escape coach

See you on the road!

Greg Rodgers
Creator of Science of Escape

Paused for now. A new version will be released in 2023!

The Transition to Travel minicourse is a “living” document. Rather than create a PDF download that could become outdated, we host the checklist live so it can be updated frequently.

The “last updated” date is featured prominently at the top so you can be sure the travel prep advice you’re seeing is fresh and accurate!

To be put on the waiting list, get in touch.